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Bed bugs, insects, and other pests don't make good tenants. When bugs are “bugging” you, call the professionals.

Insects: they might be Mother Nature's friends and belong to the ecosystem, but they certainly don't belong in your house. Sometimes bugs can be a lot like distant relatives. They show up at your residence uninvited, help themselves to your property and there doesn't seem to be any way to get them to leave. When insects and other pests are “bugging” you, you need to get rid of them quickly.
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Dave's Pest Control INC can send those pests packing.

Insects, bugs and other pests are no problem when you call us at Dave's Pest Control INC. We've been taking care of unwanted visitors in people's houses for decades. If you live in the Eugene, OR or surrounding areas and want professional extermination services that are affordable and guaranteed, give us a call. We get rid of everything but relatives.
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